1776 Statement

The men who founded this country were called “traitors,” “enemies of the state,” and far worse, for their decision to declare our independence over 245 years ago.

Facing the full might and wrath of the British Empire, these “extremists” withstood their assaults, their foreign mercenaries and the storied British navy which ruled the waves themselves. Emerging victorious from the conflict, our Founding Fathers established our glorious nation, the United States of America, from the thirteen British colonies lining the Atlantic seaboard of the North American Continent.

In the mold of those same “extremists” and “traitors” who gave life to our beloved homeland, I pray to Jesus Christ that our campaign has the same courage, conviction and commitment to serve California’s 45th district, as the Founders did when they decided to throw off the shackles of British oppression.

Akin to our storied forebears, we are the target of a distant and disconnected empire, under attack not only by the impressive resources they command but also our fellow countrymen who act as their spies, foot soldiers and willingly accept the poisonous propaganda spewed by apparatchiks of the regime.

I say to you my fellow Americans, LET’S LIVE LIKE THE AMERICANS OF OLD! Be brave, be bold and love your country, BECAUSE YOU ONLY GET ONE! To those on the left, who willingly wash the feet of the globalist oligarchs, you will be defeated and the epithets you hurl at me will not change the fact that I’m a patriot who loves my country!

The pendulum will swing back, for our country is too great to be ruled by the likes of you! Today my countrymen, we remember and commemorate our independence, the America of George Washington, not George Floyd and may she live on in perpetuity!

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Nicholas Andrew Nick Taurus OC45-2022 Candidate For Congress
America First candidate in California's 40th district! Christ, Country, Community!

Nicholas Andrew Taurus

My name is Nick Taurus and I am running for Congress in California’s 40th Congressional District. I’m a native-born Californian and I have lived in the 40th district for the past 11 years (with a brief year and a half abroad in Hungary). I am an American nationalist and Roman Catholic who is most concerned with addressing the issues surrounding immigration, vaccination and Critical Race Theory.

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