The dramatic population shift that has been going on in the United States since the passage of the Hart-Celler Act in 1965, is perhaps the greatest transformation of a society in recorded history. Americans identifying as “White” has dropped precipitously and the mainstream media celebrates the “demographic reckoning” in America where the Democrats may rule in perpetuity thanks to their newly imported voters.
According to US Census data, the White population decreased from 63% in 2010 to 57% in 2020, shrinking from 196,000,000 to 191,000,000. A loss of 5 million individuals, a truly catastrophic population decline in such a short time. This data from the census has been celebrated by the media as a sign of America’s diversity, signaling a brighter future, where Americans may join hands under the rainbow flag and sing kumbaya into the night. Is that really the message however? Perhaps it is something more sinister wrapped under the veneer of “equity” and “inclusion?”
When you have noted columnists like Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin tweeting about how the decline of the White population is “fabulous news” while noting the necessity of preventing “White minority rule” this seems to signal an underlying animus towards a large segment of the American population. The Taurus Campaign recognizes the multi-racial, multi-ethnic nature of America’s demographic composition, with that being said it is truly sickening for the media, universities and permanent bureaucracy to openly celebrate the disappearance of a vast swathe of American society while gaslighting the citizenry that these developments foreshadow some sort of societal synthesis wherein America is redeemed due to the disappearance of one group, namely White Americans.
The reason why we are witnessing such blatant prejudice is due in large part to Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools for the better part of 50 years, engendering this pathological hatred towards White Americans while feeding into this FALSE pervasive sense of guilt which is plaguing the collective mind of White America. The Taurus Campaign calls out racism in all forms and the Anti-White racism created by CRT is dangerous, violent and has the potential to tear this country apart.

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Nicholas Andrew Nick Taurus OC45-2022 Candidate For Congress
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Nicholas Andrew Taurus

My name is Nick Taurus and I am running for Congress in California’s 40th Congressional District. I’m a native-born Californian and I have lived in the 40th district for the past 11 years (with a brief year and a half abroad in Hungary). I am an American nationalist and Roman Catholic who is most concerned with addressing the issues surrounding immigration, vaccination and Critical Race Theory.

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