Katie Porter has been endorsed by the Human Rights Commission, the organization responsible for attempting to have a drag queen who dabbles in [email protected] porn and Satanism read to children in Bloomington, Minnesota. Katie Porter is a carpetbagger bringing nothing of value to our district while growing fat off our tax dollars. We need to get her OUT and protect the children of CA-45!

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Nicholas Andrew Nick Taurus OC45-2022 Candidate For Congress
America First candidate in California's 40th district! Christ, Country, Community!

Nicholas Andrew Taurus

My name is Nick Taurus and I am running for Congress in California’s 40th Congressional District. I’m a native-born Californian and I have lived in the 40th district for the past 11 years (with a brief year and a half abroad in Hungary). I am an American nationalist and Roman Catholic who is most concerned with addressing the issues surrounding immigration, vaccination and Critical Race Theory.

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