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July 14, 2021


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District 45 GOP Congressional Candidate Nick Taurus Accosted at Town Hall; Sets the Record Straight

Dem. Rep. Katie Porter Supporter Arrested for Assault and Battery After Violent Attacks

ORANGE COUNTY, Ca.— On Sunday, July 11th Congressional candidate Nick Taurus was accosted and forcefully removed from the Katie Porter town hall meeting at Mike Ward Community Park in Irvine, CA for attempting to ask questions about her campaign. Apparently due to the pandemic, this town hall meeting was to be the first one Porter had held in over a year. Following the guidelines set by Porter herself, Taurus had registered for the event and submitted questions, but the campaign refused to allow him to speak.


Taurus states, “Katie Porter hasn’t shown herself in public in a year and a half. She is supposed to be representing the people of the 45th District, but has gone missing. Now, she holds her first town hall meeting yet refuses to take questions from anyone but those planted in the audience. She is afraid to take questions from her actual constituents with real questions.”


Instead of the typical question-and-answer format of town hall meetings, Porter chose to have attendees write questions down and then choose questions at random to respond to. Taurus complied, but, determined to have the answers to questions that have previously been ignored, began to voice his questions and complaints. The following fight involved supporters of both candidates, but according to Sgt. Karie Davies at the scene, only a Porter supporter was arrested while officers took a report from the victim of assault and battery against Taurus supporters.


In the aftermath of this scene, liberal media was quick to label Taurus and his followers as the aggressors, ignoring the fact that it was only a Porter supporter who had to be arrested, according to Hot Air Media“As much as Katie Porter wants to blame others for violence at her event, it is only her supporter who was arrested,” Taurus declares. Injuries on both sides were minor.


More noteworthy is the about-face made by OCGOP, who previously told locals “to voice [your] extreme displeasure with the actions that [Porter] and her fellow Democrats are taking” and to “ask as many tough questions as you can.” After the incident at the meeting, however, OCGOP made a softer statement to the press, replying “The Republican Party of Orange County encourages constituents to be engaged in the democratic process which includes encouraging attendance at townhall events where they can hold their representatives accountable. Equally as critical is holding these policy discussions in a peaceful and respectful manner.”


As a result of all the chaos, Taurus still has questions for Porter unanswered. “Her campaign cannot stand to be asked real questions from real people living and working in her district,” Taurus argues. “She is simply a pawn who is being propped up by billion-dollar corporations with prominent donors being Disney, AT&T and Amazon. She says she is fighting against the corporate titans, but they are the ones paying for her campaign. You can’t have it both ways.”


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