Taliban Marches On

The war in Afghanistan was nothing more than a globalist crusade that resulted in the pointless deaths of thousands of American soldiers and countless scores of Afghani citizens. The US withdrawal and the immediate collapse of the government we propped up for nearly 20 years illustrates the total futility and failure of the Globalist American Empire in regards to their nation-building efforts in the “graveyard of empires.” Time to put AMERICA FIRST and end the ideological adventurism abroad!

Link to Article: Taliban take Kandahar, Herat in major Afghanistan offensive as U.S. withdraws (nbcnews.com)

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Nicholas Andrew Taurus

My name is Nick Taurus and I am running for Congress in California’s 40th Congressional District. I’m a native-born Californian and I have lived in the 40th district for the past 11 years (with a brief year and a half abroad in Hungary). I am an American nationalist and Roman Catholic who is most concerned with addressing the issues surrounding immigration, vaccination and Critical Race Theory.

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