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Immigration into the United States has been broken for nearly 60 years since the passage of the Hart-Celler Act in 1965. According to a study completed by Pew Hispanic in 2015, over 59 million LEGAL immigrants[1] have entered the country since the Hart-Celler Act’s passage. Mass-migration poses a direct threat to American wages, communities and way of life, which is why the Taurus campaign proposes a 25 year moratorium on immigration in order for America to address the consequences resulting from the nearly 60 years of uncontrolled migration.


[1] Lopez, Mark Hugo, Jeffrey Passel, and Molly Rohal. “Modern Immigration Wave Brings 59 Million to US Driving Population Growth and Change Through 2065.” Pew Research Center, September 28, 2015.

Our rights are INALIENABLE and come from GOD, not corrupt pharmaceutical companies and the bureaucrats on their payroll. The concept of “vaccine passports” is antithetical to the ideals of freedom enshrined in our Bill of Rights, creating a two-tier society that discriminates against those who refuse to adhere to the dictates of “experts” who’ve been proven wrong on countless occasions.

Critical Race Theory is taxpayer-funded anti-White Racism. The rabid anti-American and left-wing violence we have witnessed across urban America in municipalities like Portland, Oregon and Washington D.C. are the product of Critical Race Theory and its advocates taking over the educational system. Critical Race Theory is a poisonous ideology that is engendering a violent, genocidal animus towards White Americans and their historical forebears.


We should call out racism in all forms and if elected to Congress I will seek the total eradication of Critical Race Theory from the American school curriculum. Further, all diversity quotas and affirmative action programs must be eliminated, as they are not based on the meritocratic spirit which made America a continental empire and world power. LGBT ideology has no place in our public life or institutions. In line with Roman Catholic teaching, the Taurus campaign believes homosexuality to be a sinful lifestyle and we abhor the pervasiveness of LGBT ideology throughout American life.


Promotion of a lifestyle which is synonymous with drug/physical abuse, stalking and in darker instances, pedophilia/pederasty, on both the domestic and international level, is antithetical to the Christian heritage of the United States of America.

The Taurus campaign calls for the full pardon and release of all 1/6 Patriots. These Patriots are being denied their constitutional rights and are subjected to conditions akin to those held hostage by Islamic terrorists or communist governments. According to an interview with 1/6 protestor Richard Barnett, the 1/6 Patriots are in a formerly “shuttered jail facility”[1] confined to cells “contaminated with black mold.”[2] A letter from one of the 1/6 Patriots reads “Solitary Confinement and beatings. That is our reality. When will the inhumane treatment end?”[3] The appalling treatment of these Americans is an embarrassment to the United States on the international stage, demonstrating the heavy handed nature of the Biden Department of Justice against normal, everyday, patriotic Americans.


[1] Julie Kelly, “Man in Pelosi’s Office Discusses Jail Conditions for January 6 Detainees,” American Greatness, May 25, 2021.


[2] Julie Kelly, “Man in Pelosi’s Office Discusses Jail Conditions for January 6 Detainees,” American Greatness, May 25, 2021.


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The shocking violence perpetrated by various left-wing groups during the summer of 2020 resulted in close to $2 billion dollars in damages according to the company Property Claim Services (PCS)[1] while 25 Americans lost their lives from political unrest and violence in 2020, in a study published by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project.[2] The George Floyd Riots and the actions taken by BLM and ANTIFA resulted in the most extensive and violent civil disorder in decades and those responsible should be behind bars, not buying multi-million dollar mansions while collecting BILLIONS from corporate America.


[1] Jennifer A. Kingston, “Exclusive: $1 Billion-plus Riot Damage is Most Expensive in insurance history,” Axios, September 16, 2020.


[2] Lois Beckett, “At Least 25 Americans Were Killed during Protests and Political Unrest in 2020,” The Guardian, October 31, 2020.  


ANTIFA resulted in the most extensive and violent civil disorder in decades and those responsible should be behind bars, not buying multi-million dollar mansions while collecting BILLIONS from corporate America.

In my district, the power of Big Tech is growing, with Google and Amazon enjoying corporate offices in Irvine, bringing deep-blue Silicon Valley values to California’s 45th The protections afforded to the Big Tech Monopolies under Section 230 of the 1996 United States Communications Decency Act has saved these corporate leviathans from being sued in court for “unknowingly” hosting vile material ranging from child pornography to Islamic jihadist propaganda. Section 230 “generally provides immunity for website platforms from third party content”[1] allowing these giant corporations an excuse so as not to be held liable for the horrid material on their platforms.


The giant tech monopolies also played a crucial role in theft of the 2020 election and many of them are responsible for bankrolling far-left NGO’s and criminal organizations like Black Lives Matter. Stripping the rights granted under Section 230 is a necessary first step in ending the power of Silicon Valley over our country.


[1] “Section 230.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, June 9, 2021.

The United States is recovering from draconian lockdowns due to the COVID-19 scam. In the midst of attempting a comeback from these crimes against humanity, the most unconscionable thing our government could do is continue to send BILLIONS in US tax dollars every year to failed states, tin pot dictators and fair-weather friends. According to a report from the Congressional Research Service, in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region alone, the United States has spent over $346 billion dollars in foreign aid since 1946.[1] When taking into account US foreign aid commitments to other perpetually troubled regions like Central America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia among others, the cost of US foreign aid seems to far exceed its benefits. If elected to Congress, I will craft legislation that will seek to bring an end to US foreign aid.


[1] Sharp, Jeremy M., Carla E. Humud, and Sara R. Collins. “U.S. Foreign Assistance to the Middle East: Historical Background, Recent Trends, and the FY2021 Request.”, Congressional Research Service, May 5, 2020.,North%20Africa%20(MENA)%20region


The ATF, Bureau of Land Management, CDC, CIA, Department of Education, FBI & IRS have proven themselves to be nothing more than political instruments of the left in their war on the American people. These federal agencies are wholly unconstitutional, a drain on the public purse and have proven themselves to be incompetent in every aspect of their duties aside from making the lives of the American people miserable. If elected to congress I will craft legislation to abolish these tyrannical federal agencies which make the American people miserable.

The Second Amendment is one of the hallmarks and ultimate benefits of American citizenship. The unprecedented rise in urban crime across American cities necessitates the ability for American citizens to defend themselves at all times. If elected to Congress, I will craft legislation which allows for all American Citizens without a felony record the right to conceal carry weapons upon turning the age of 21.

American industries have been devastated by free trade and the presence of products from countries whose workers get paid pennies, therefore the Taurus campaign calls on a 25% tariff on products from nations such as Honduras, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Taiwan among others with a special 100% tariff on Chinese products. In addition to these tariffs to protect and bolster American industry, the Taurus campaign calls for a 50% tax on all remittances leaving the United States, as billions of dollars are sucked out of the American economy to prop up corrupt governments in nations like Mexico, where 95% of the remittances come from the United States while accounting for 3.8% of the national GDP.[1] If elected to congress I will craft legislation which seeks to enact these proposed tariffs and remittance taxes.


[1] Lizbeth Diaz and Abraham Gonzalez, “Mexicans Defy Pandemic Blues with Record Remittance Surge,”, Reuters, February 1, 2021.

The Globalist American Empire (GAE) is a threat to the well-being of the American people and international safety. The total financial cost of American conflicts in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia has cost the US taxpayer $6.4 trillion dollars since the Al-Qaeda attacks on 9/11.[1] The scope and scale of these conflicts is truly unsustainable while spanning over 80 countries across the globe.[2] If elected to Congress, I will do all I can to bring home our soldiers from overseas and make sure that the priority of the military is defense of the homeland rather than ideological crusades abroad.


[1] Neta C. Crawford, “United States Budgetary Costs and Obligations of Post-9/11 Wars through FY2020: $6.4 Trillion,”, Brown University, November 13, 2019.  


[2] Neta C. Crawford, “United States Budgetary Costs and Obligations of Post-9/11 Wars through FY2020: $6.4 Trillion,”, Brown University, November 13, 2019.

In an attempt to provide access to ALL Americans and their families the benefits of the American dream, the Taurus campaign calls for the abolition of income taxes for all US citizens and family households who make under $125,000 in a given year. When you have billionaires like Jeff Bezos avoiding paying taxes while working Americans are struggling to make ends meet, it is crucial now more than ever to provide relief to the working people of the United States.

The Taurus Campaign wants to state its unequivocal support for Mothers and American families. The Taurus campaign will work to create legislation providing American Mothers the time to navigate their pregnancy, in addition to compensation amounting to $1,500 USD/month (“Stork Stipend”) to ameliorate the cost of leaving the workforce and taking care of children in the critical first year out of the womb. There will be contingencies to this program of course, as women must be US Citizens, as well as BOTH of their parents, and in their FIRST marriage with a man who is also a US citizen, in addition to having BOTH parents enjoying citizenship status, in order to qualify while eligibility will be terminated in the aftermath of divorce or annulment of the FIRST marriage.


In addition to the “Stork Stipend,” the Taurus campaign wants to draft legislation that would provide home loans to young FIRST-TIME married couples, as long as both spouses are US Citizens, as well as both of their parents having US Citizen status. For every child born from the marriages between couples enrolled in the program, 25% of the loan on their home will be forgiven by the US Government. These plans are inspired from similar and quite successful programs found in Viktor Orbán’s Hungary.[1]


[1] Griff Witte, “Hungary Is so Desperate for Kids That Mothers of Four Won’t Need to Pay Income Tax,”, Washington Post, February 11, 2019.

The discrepancies and fraud of the 2020 election must never be allowed to happen again. Voter fraud has been rampant in America for quite some time and if elected I would craft legislation which simply says the following: “Voting in the United States must occur in-person, on a paper ballot, with a STATE recognized form of PICTURE IDENTIFICATION being shown prior to entering a voting station and casting your vote.”

My faith as a Roman Catholic dictates that we place an emphasis on LIFE and protect those lives which are most vulnerable, that of the UNBORN! Perhaps the most macabre and malicious genocide in human history has occurred since the passage of Roe vs. Wade, with a total of 62,502,904 abortions occurring since the decision. If elected to Congress, I will attempt to craft successful legislation resulting in a nationwide fetal heartbeat abortion bill.

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