The Meaning Behind
“Christ, Country, Community”

Christ: Jesus Christ

Country: Our Country - The U.S.A.

Community: Strong Communities - Our Home

What We Mean By “Christ, Country, Community”

Taurus for 40

The Taurus campaign prides itself on the slogan “Christ, Country, Community” as we believe it embodies the values which made America great! Below are the following reasons as to why this slogan defines the ethos and spirit of our campaign:


Jesus Christ has granted countless blessings on the United States and is the reason as to why America has enjoyed such good fortune in her short but storied history. The left is harnessing the power of academia, the corporations and other agents of Satan to destroy the United States. In response, the Taurus campaign wishes to unite Christians of all denominations in the 40th district in a united effort to defeat Katie Porter and keep the radical left-wing forces besieging our district and county at bay.


Our country is the United States of America. The founding of this nation was not 1619 but rather 1776. The United States of America is a nation ensconced in the Anglo-Saxon political tradition extending back to the Magna Carta. Our nation is one of conquerors, explorers and settlers, who forged a nation from a wilderness, crossing an unforgiving continent populated by warlike Indian tribes, foreign empires and an unprecedented assortment of wild beasts.


The nation they created is the most advanced, prosperous and beautiful country in the recorded history of man, a grand inheritance from those men who willingly offered to sacrifice their “lives, fortune and sacred honor.”


Strong communities are the bedrock of a healthy society. Mass-migration, internal emigration and corporate greed has destroyed the historic regional connections that used to bind Americans together.


The Taurus campaign wishes to do all it can to ensure the high quality of life, safety and freedom the constituents of the 40th district have grown accustomed to. America is more than a place on a map, it is our home!

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