Calling all constituents of California’s 40th congressional district! Come join “Taurus’ Troops” and help us defeat the globalists!

On the ground volunteers

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Phone calls, social media, email, knock on doors/door hanger and more

Why We Must Stop Katie Porter

Taurus for 40

Katie Porter is a far-left carpetbagger propped up by Bay Area academics, left-wing corporations, the abortion industry and foreign lobbies. Her values are antithetical to those of us who live in the 40th district and this must be her final term!

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Donor Networking

If you know of individuals who can raise substantial funds and care about the quality of life in the 40th district, please give the campaign hotline (949-593-9294) a call and help assist us in our quest to reclaim the 40th district.


We pride ourselves on being a grassroots outfit, nonetheless the nature of politics requires significant means to finance the necessary materials, equipment, advertising and other associated costs with a protracted campaign.

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Pray for Nick

Katie Porter has the full backing of the LGBT lobby, billionaire class and other agents of the godless globalists, so Nick would greatly appreciate your spiritual support. Akin to the Crusades of old, Christians in the 40th district must unite and expel the radical left from our district! Please contact Edwina ([email protected]) for more information on how to join the Taurus Campaign Prayer Team.

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Phone Calls

Login, wait till someone answers and read P2P script or VM script. We need to keep the lines ringing and spread the word about the Taurus Campaign’s America First Platform!

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Social Media

Share all Taurus Campaign posts from a multitude of platforms (click here for information). Promote events, generate traffic, help direct the conversation regarding immigration, vaccines, Anti-White Racism/CRT and LGBT ideology! We need soldiers in the information war!

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Email your friends, talk to your neighbors and help us build our supporter base!

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Meet Nick

If you would like to host an event where Nick can come and speak about the issues, email [email protected] directly or fill out the request form below. Someone will contact you ASAP.

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