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American Nationalist

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Aspiring Historian

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Taurus for 40

           My name is Nick Taurus and I am running for Congress in California’s 40th Congressional District. I’m a native-born Californian and I have lived in the 40th district for the past 11 years (with a brief year and a half abroad in Hungary). I am an American nationalist and Roman Catholic who is most concerned with addressing the issues surrounding immigration, vaccination and Critical Race Theory. I love both Hungarian history, due to my time in the country and the history of the Nixon Administration. On a personal note I enjoy reading and spending time with friends and family, in addition to travel, without the necessity of vaccine passports of course.


            I’d also like to mention the impact of two disparate and seemingly disconnected places on my political outlook: Big Bear Lake, California and Kalocsa, Hungary. Big Bear Lake, California is an All-American community nestled in the San Bernardino National Forest. I grew up in Big Bear with lifelong friends, where I remember spending evenings attending football games and engaging in the general mischief associated with the rites of manhood among American youth. In our little community everyone knew your name, your word was your bond and COMMUNITY meant something. After college, these values were once again brought to my attention when I had the great honor of teaching English Language at a school located in the Pearl of the Danube, Kalocsa, Hungary. I can say with confidence my experience in Hungary made me a man and the patriotism, kindness and honesty of the wonderful people of Kalocsa had an indelible impact on my life and character.


            Ultimately I decided to run for Congress because I feel my district, along with the entirety of Orange County, California, is under siege by the radical left and their corporate paymasters. If elected to Congress I will be resolutely America First, always have an open door to my constituents and will represent them honorably, as my potential position is afforded to me from the goodwill and trust of California’s 40th district. I sincerely hope to be your congressman in 2022 and I believe that together, we can restore the greatness of our country, defeat the radical left and bring freedom back to the 40th!

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